Kenogen Uomo

Lotion Treatment for Men

30 Monodose viales of 5 ml

Manufacturer: Vivipharma

Lotion Treatment for Men

30 Monodose viales of 5 ml


Intensive treatment for the natural hair regrowth with a high content of melatonin, indicated in case of androgenetic alopecia, weak hair and little growth.

Keno-complex with melatonin
Keno-Complex is a powerful activator of the hair follicle and has a synergic action on the main factors which favour hair growth:
- 5 α-reductasi inhibition
- improvement in subcutaneous microcirculation
- scalp regeneration through the cellular metabolism.
- synchronization of the biological clock.

Keno complex
- Kigelia Africana whose seeds are rich in phyto-estrogens and flavonoids
- Ginkgo Biloba vessel regulator, improves cell metabolism
- Clary (Salvia Sclarea) with anti-inflammatory properties
- Cinnamon (Cannella) improves blood circulation
- Serenoa Repens
- Melatonina

An original synergy of a vegetal complex concentrated in phytostimuline, incombination with melatonin, the internal clock of biological rhythm, like a real “orchestra director”.

Tested ingredients effectiveness:

Keno-Complex properties
- KGCC Complex(Kigelia, Ginkgo Biloba, Clary, Cinnamon), during the use test made on 35 different areas of scalp on 10 persons, after 60 days of daily use (Fig. 2), shows an improvement in hair growing phase (anagen). (Fig.2).
- Melatonin thanks to its anti-radical action, stimulates on skin metabolism.
- Serenoa Repens extractthanks to its inhibitor action on 5 a-reductasi, is active on diseases linked to an excessive quantity of androgens, such as seborrhea and baldness.
After 45 and 60 days of daily application of a lotion containing KGCC was made a trichogram on 35 different parts on scalp of 10 persons aged between 45-65 years old. The results are as a percentage of all hair on each area. In normal conditions, 85% to 90% of hair is in anagen phase; in case of alopecia, up to 30% of hair could be in telogen phase. It was observed an increase in % of hair in anagen after 45 and 60 days of treatment, showing the efficacy of daily application of the tested lotion.

Useful Tips:

Uniformly apply the content of one vial to scalp every night, for at least 2 months. Gently massage, specifically focusing on areas where hair is thinning. Do not rinse. Not oily. It is suggested the concomitant use of KENO melatonin with tryptophan and selenium nutritional supplement.
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